Mini album and a pile of ATC's

In January we got to enjoy a wonderful new collection by Carabelle Studio, and to celebrate the new product release the design team arranged a fun release party for our Carabelle Friends. During the party there was something for everyone: Live demos, tutorial videos, and challenges to participate. Lucky challenge winners got a generous package of new products! 

My project was a maze book i.e. a mini album that you make of one 12" sheet of cardstock. I decorated the pages with gel printed squares and stamped and coloured images (loooove those characters by Kate Crane!).

Here's the folding and cutting template for the mini album:

To inspire the release party participants to create their own mini albums I put together a tutorial video; it can be viewed both on my YouTube channel as well as on Carabelle Studio channel:

Maybe you noted that on the video I pulled several colourful prints, using the new art printing plate (design by Birgit Koopsen). Only a couple of gel printed squares were used for decorating my mini album pages, and I was left with a pile of colourful pieces. Guess what I used them for?

I created ATC cards!

I had a black gel printed paper in my stash, and I cut it to ATC card backgrounds.

As usual I stamped, coloured and cut a few extra images, so they were ready to be used for my cards. Their sizes were perfect for ATC's: not too small nor too big.

I punched a circle on the colourful gel printed squares and glued them on the cards. Looks quite nice, doesn't it!

I was so happy and proud to see many wonderful maze books created, using my video as guidance. I loved each and every one of them!

Wishing you a colourful rest of the week. Happy weekend!

Art journaling in pocket size



I love stamping, colouring and fuzzy cutting. Usually I use the images for cardmaking, but if there are no actual needs for creating new cards, I take out my art journal books. Those pages are my creative playgrounds for playing with colour combinations and texture backgrounds, creating sceneries and telling stories with my stamped images and for storing lovely quote texts. I also use the pages for utilizing the last drops of paints from my pallet (you never throw paint away!), cleaning my brushes or using some leftover scraps I find on my crafting table. 

Stamps come in various sizes, so also the art journal page sizes need to vary. These pages are created in my smallest art journal book; a pocket size Moleskine art sketchbook (3.5 in x 5.5 in). It's perfect for working with stamps which are bit too large for an ATC card but not big enough for an A4 or A5 size page or page spread. 

If one evening I only have little free time but feel a strong need for crafting mindfulness I often spend the short crafting moment on colouring images. I have a tin box full of stamped, coloured and fuzzy cut images, and every now and then I empty the box by using the pictures for ATC's or art journal pages. 

These pages are quite simple, but creating them makes me happy. When I later browse through the book pages I often get a reflection of that happy feeling I felt when putting the page together. 

Hope you will have time to create something you like. Thanks for stopping by in my blog!