Scrapbooking: Lucky is a state of mind

Today I'm sharing with you a 12"x12" layout I made a short while back:

On Creative World 2020 in Frankfurt I grabbed an A5 sized booklet by "Urban Art Lab: Education". I love street art but I also found their educating concept quite interesting: It was all about how to introduce graffiti and street art tools, materials, and techniques to retailers so that they then feel confident to share the information with their customers. I'm guessing that even if street art looks super cool it may not be the easiest form of art: If I wanted to give it a try I wouldn't even know where to start!

The booklet was also visually appealing, and when I decided to use this specific photo for a layout I remembered the pictures I had seen on the small brochure. So I chose a simple grey background by 7 Dots Studio and built my collage of fuzzy-cut street art tool pictures on a strip of yellow patterned paper. I love how well it all came together!

I had two identical copies of the photo, so I cut out part of the photo and layered it with foam stickers on top of the background photo. This technique is one of my favorites (thanks Olga Heldwein for sharing it!), and I tend to use it quite often on my layouts. I'm not a big fan of high scrapbooking pages, but with this types of elements you can build layers and dimendion without increasing the height too much. I want that my pages fit into standard page protectors without issues :).

Hope this page inspires you to consider using images from magazines as your project embellishments.
Thanks for stopping by!


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