Getting Ready For Christmas. Scrapbooking Layout for Jehkotar CRAFTChallenge DT

Last few weeks have been the very hectic in my work life, and I've not had too many spare moments to update my blog. Sorry for that!
Luckily I've yet been able to steal a few moments to myself and to my dear crafting hobby. Especially during busy times I realize how important this hobby is to me; it reduces stress and helps me to relax which is so important when a tight project schedule needs to be kept!

Last Thursday the December Jehkotar CRAFTChallenge was revealed with a very festive mood board:

I decided not to use the suggested sketch, but made a scrapbooking layout of a sweet Christmas memory from last year:

For the background I used a fairly white paper from SODAlicious, and I decorated it with watercolours, stamped patterns, and gold colour cracle texture paste. Oh how I love playing with those media!

The original photo had too many colours, so inspired by the Christmas themed inspiration photos I removed most of them in Photoshop. The aim was to make a fairly monotonious layout with white, black, red and gold tones. I think I like how it turned out!

The picture is again a reminder for me to keep either the phone or the camera close for being able to store those precious memories. Those daily life snapshots are usually the most cherished moments!

Wishing you a great week!
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