Chic gift wrapping with die-cut flowers


I have to admit that even if I'm a passionate paper crafter and always give only self-made cards, I'm pretty bad when it comes to gift wrapping. I spend a lot of time in selecting the gift, as matching the gift with the receiver is pretty important to me. But after the gift is either bought or self made I don't pay too much attention on the gift wrapping. Which is actually pretty sad because a beautifully wrapped package immediately tells a message that you consider the receiver important. Which I do!

Easy, chic gift wrap with die-cut flowers #Sizzix #Sizzixplus

Normally I just wrap the gift in paper, tie a ribbon around the package, and either tie a bow or curl the ribbon ends with scissors. Curled ribbon can look very pretty on a package, but if all gifts always look identical, you may want to try something different.

Step-by-step: Easy gift wrap 

I got the idea for a flower decorated gift from the beautiful gift wrap paper I found in Ikea. This colourful paper is from their 'Växtglädje' collection. I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of the paper, as it was heavier than other standard papers I had used. Easy to work with and to wrap around my gift!

For ribbon I used simple white curling ribbon. I cut two pieces, wrapped them around the package and secured the ends with tape. I did not tie a knot as I wanted the base for my flowers to be flat.

Then I die-cut leaves from white cardstock, using this Sizzix/Craft Asylum leaf die. I folded the leaves gently for creating a 3D look.

The flowers are die-cut from pink, white and purple cardstock. For this I used this lovely Sizzix/Craft Asylum die set fom their woodland collection.
I inked the edges of the pink flowers, and curled the flower petals by pressing them with a rounded pen cap against a mouse pad.

The final step was to glue the flowers together and to glue the assembled flowers and the leaves on the gift. For this I could have used any type of paper glue, but knowing that my packages had to be carried in a bag for a little while I decided to use Tacky Glue for ensuring that the flowers would not fall off.

Easy, chic gift wrap with die-cut flowers #Sizzix #Sizzixplus

How easy and quick that was to make! And the receivers loved their flower decorated gifts!

Easy, chic gift wrap with die-cut flowers #Sizzix #Sizzixplus

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