Scrapbooking layout: True love

Hope you are having a nice Easter weekend. Among spending time with my kids and hunting for chocolate easter eggs I was so happy to find time to organize my crafting room; that's a task I had been postponing for too long already, and after my supplies had started wandering from my messy room to our kitchen table I realized that I had to do something about it. I'm hoping that after this weekend things are back on their places again, and who knows, maybe I could share some pictures of my own 'paper arts chamber' with you!

Last weekend I had some time for scrapbooking. Boy had I needed that! I strongly believe scrapbooking and other paper crafts are the best cure for keeping work stress away. Recently I have been so busy that stress has really been peeping just around the corner. After dedicating an evening for my favourite hobby I felt so much better. Yes, can warmly recommend this to everyone!

When your mind is going around work related issues, the quickest thing to get the inspirational juices flowing is to use a challenge task or a sketch as the project starting point. That's what I did: I took CSI case #158 as I loved the suggested soft and beautiful colours:

And here's what I came up with:

Scrapbooking layout with mixed media elements and lots of layers

 The cute animals are designs by SODAlicious. ♥♥!!

Scrapbooking layout with mixed media elements and lots of layers

I started the layout with white washing a section of the light blue background. For that I used simple white gesso. I wanted to get the section lines clear and crispy, so I used masking tape for covering the edges of the painted area.
Once dry I created some heart textures with texture paste and a stencil. I covered parts of the stencil with masking tape as I wanted to create a random pattern. Sure playing with masking tape was not necessary; I could have simply been more careful when spreading the paste. But using the masking tape made the task so much easier!

When the texture paste was still wet I sprinkled purple micro beads on the hearts. Loved the result! Even though texture paste would have fixed the beads I still decided to seal the hearts with a thin layer of gel medium. Now none of the beads will fall off!

Texture paste with micro beads

What a great project to make! The picture I used is from a few years back. It's one of my favorites, showing the strong bond between those two ♥.

Scrapbooking layout with mixed media elements and lots of layers

Wishing you a nice day! Thanks for stopping by in my blog!
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  1. Nyt meni mikrohelmet ostoslistalle! Kiva kun näytit miten olit niitä käyttänyt:)
    Tykkään kovasti leiskastasi;sen värit ja asettelu ovat kovasti mieleeni,samoin kuin kaikki ihanat yksityiskohdat! Tuo pöllö& kettu - niin suloiset!

    1. Kiitos Niinu! Mikrohelmet toimivat tosi hyvin yhteen gel mediumin kanssa. Myös tavallinen Erikeeper tai vastaava sopisi kiinnittämiseen. Ylimääräisiä helmiä ei saa kaadettua takaisin purkkiin aivan yhtä helposti kuin vaikkapa embossing-jauhetta tai glitteriä, mutta kun käyttää helmiä suht' maltillisia määriä (=ei koko purkkia pöydälle kerralla), niin helmien kanssa pärjää kyllä. Lopputulos palkitsee!