Hero lollipops

Hi to You,

A week ago my son celebrated his sixth birthday with his kindergarten friends. In addition to celebrating it was time to say goodbye, as he's starting in a new preschool this autumn, and will not see his old friends every day anymore. Therefore we decided that this birthday should be really special, and took the party from our house to a nearby indoor amusement park. The kids had so much fun, and the 2.5 hours just flew by. I loved watching the kids bubbling with joy, and also liked the fact that this was a true win-win party; this time I did not have to do any baking nor after-cleaning :D

It has become a custom here that the person hosting the birthday party is giving small gifts to the party attendees at the time they leave the party. For this I bought some candy boxes and lollipops, and because I wanted to make them really special, I decorated the lollipops with Silhouette-cut embellishments. My son is a huge fan of Batman, so he loved the idea of turning the giveaway lollipops into caped heroes!

Silhouette cut file by Sweet Afton (keyword 'hero lollipops')

Wishing you a nice weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is such a cool idea and incredible execution Elina :) I am ur new follower

    1. Thank you Deepti :) I visited your blog and your cards just amazed me. You are such a super talent! Now you've got a new follower :D