GDT AALL&Create: Chess lady Art journal page

I love to create collages using stamps from various sets, but sometimes one stamp is all I need for creating an entire project. Especially if that one stamp is of generous A4 size!
The moment I saw this amazing A4 stamp designed by Bipasha Bk I knew I wanted to create an art journal page with it. 

I first stamped the chess lady on a piece of white paper. The ink I used was onyx black VersaFine; when inking a large stamp I prefer using a juicy pigment ink that does not dry too fast. That type of ink makes stamping very simple and you'll be able to get a good crispy print even without using a stamping platform.

As my ink was an oil-based dye ink, I colored the image using Inktense watercolour pencils. and blended the colours with a water brush. Those bright, intense colours are so fun to work with! Once the image was dry, I fuzzy cut it around the edges. I did not pay too much attention on the finest details and did not even try to get them all cut out properly. The edges would later be re-built by another stamped layer anyway.

I inked the background of my art journal page with two Distress colours, decorated the inked surface with water splashes, and dried the page with my heat gun. Then I re-stamped the main image on my page, pressing the stamp firmly on the edges. In addition to the main image the stamp contains also cool stitchline images, and I decided to use those on the edges of my page. The ink I used was a lovely dark red/purple 'Chianti' colour from VersaFine Clair.

Once the background was ready I glued my fuzzy-cut main image on the page. First the contrast between the main image and the background was a bit too strong, so I added more Inktense colours around the image and on the background. For adding a hint of light I used both a soft, white pastel pen and a regular white gel pen. A hint of white always makes the image pop!

Word stickers are from a Tim Holtz sticker set. I thought the page did not need any larger text elements. :)

I'm really happy with the page. Hope it inspires you, too!

For more information about AALL&Create products can be read *here*.

Wishing you a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by in my blog!


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