Chinese puzzle on a canvas tote


Today in Imagine blog I'm showing an easy way to decorate a simple canvas tote bag. Just take your favourite stamps and vibrant Memento Luxe inks and off you go!

Are you familiar with ’Tangram’? It’s a Chinese puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form specific shapes. I got my Tangram book and tiles set from my mother when I was a little kid, and yet today those black geometric puzzle pieces keep inspiring me. This time I did not play with the puzzle itself but instead used a Tangram stamp set (by Altenew) to decorate a plain canvas tote bag. Stamping on fabric is as easy as it is on paper; just remember to iron the fabric first, and to use stamping inks suitable for fabric. Memento Luxe pigment inks are the perfect choice for all fabric projects.

 For keeping the fabric flat, I suggest placing a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric. Especially when using thin fabrics, a sheet of cardboard inside the tote (or a T-shirt) will block the stamping ink from blotting and messing the fabric layers underneath.
Once the ink is dry the stamped image is heat set with ironing. Then the colors will remain vibrant even if repeatedly washed.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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