09 February, 2015

Scrapbooking layout: Vivid, Worthy and Strong (Just like this project, LOL!)


I LOVE patterned papers. The papers I choose for a layout set the overall mood for the entire project, and I tend to spend quite a lot of time in matching the photo and the embellishments to the papers. However, many of the most appealing papers are often the trickiest to use. Their designs are bold and rich, and they very easily make the entire layout look too busy.

The easy solution is to cut the papers with strong textures to smaller pieces and use those pieces together with less busy elements. But then again the full beauty of the inspiring design is not visible!

When I started making this layout I decided to challenge myself and use a gorgeous but very busy paper as the project background. The strong texture required the other elements to be powerful, too, and I ended up having lots of fun playing with elements I normally would never use. Projects like this are a great way of using those hard-to-use embellishments you've had in your stock for way too long!

As design guidance I used this lovely sketch #132 by Sketchabilities:

The photo frame is a wreath I made from paper yarn and some pretty old Prima leaves:

And even if the backround was quite busy already in the beginning, I added even some more texture with texture paste and acrylic paints. Under the photo I placed a silver paper doily and some die-cut leaves (cut with my favourite die)

When starting I did not have a clear vision of the finished project, but somehow the bit odd elements just found their places on the paper. And loved each step of the creative process!

Do you like to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to use colours, textures or embellishments that are unconventional for you?

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  1. This is awesome! I love that! strong pattern paper is challenge!

    1. Thank you - kiitos Taru! Loved to create something out of ordinary :D

  2. Awesome!!!!! You're amazing!!! Thanks for playing along with Sketchabilities

    1. Thank you Miyake for your kind words. When scrapbooking it's sometimes good to step out of one's comfort zone. And that's what I did with this layout, LOL!

  3. Wow this looks so cool :)

    1. Thanks, Dee! It was so much fun to make! :D


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