Rainbow Loom fever rising!


When traveling in UK a week ago I saw an article in Daily Mail in which they wrote about Prince William being a loom band fan. He had worn a turquoise and black loom band on his recent visit to Coventry, and had told to reporters that he had about 200 of them at home. Daily Mail continued writing that also other well-known people had been spotted wearing colorful rubber bracelets; His wife Kate clearly is a loom band fan, too, and so is David Beckham.

Loom bands? I had never heard about them before.

Photo: Daily Mail
The same day I had some time for shopping before heading home, and came across a Rainbow Loom starter kit in a local store. I bought the kit with some extra rubber band packages, and I thought that the loom set would make a nice gift for my 8-year old daughter. She likes to make beaded bracelets to her friends, and I was sure she would like making loom bands, too.

I could not have chosen a better gift for her. Since she got the package she has made nearly a dozen different bracelets, and learned all the new techniques herself  by watching instruction videos in YouTube. There are many good videos about Rainbow Looms, and even if she doesn't speak Dutch, English nor German she has managed to pick up the key information from the foreign videos without problems. Cool!

I tried to find local Finnish retailers for Rainbow looms, but there isn't much available yet. I'm expecting the Rainbow loom fever to hit us, too, but until then I will need to look for foreign web shops for purchasing additional material for her.

My daughter told me how much fun weaving the rubber/silicone bands was, and of course I had to try it myself. My bracelet is not as colorful as hers, but I like this simple version of the dragon scale design a lot. Making the bracelet did not take too long, and I can now very well understand why people get hooked on the loom bands: As soon as you have finished one design you are already looking for the next, bit more challenging design to work on :D

Have you been hit by the loom band fever? Did you get hooked? :D

Wishing you a nice weekend!
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  1. Hi Elina! These are great fun! Great job!
    Ingrid x

    1. Thanks Ingrid! My daughter is like a little loom band factory: she's likes them so much that she'll have plenty of them to give to her friends :)