02 March, 2013

Inspired Blueprints #85: 6 vuotta - 6 years

Tämän viikon Inspired Blueprints -mallipiirroksessa nro 85 oli kiva viirinauha, joka vei ajatukset tyttäreni kuusivuotissynttärijuhliin. Syntymäpäiväkuvien skräppäys oli ollut mielessä jo jonkin aikaa, joten nyt tähän tuli oiva tilaisuus:

This week's Inspired Blueprints sketch no. 85 contained a pennant banner which took my me back to the day when my daughter celebrated her sixth birthday. Making a layout from those party photos had been on my to-do list for a while already, and now it was a perfect time to complete that task:

Title: 6 vuotta - 6 years
Journaling: You celebrated your sixth birthday with all your friends from daycare. I made the princess cake according to your instructions and the mini pizzas and burgers were a great success. The party was filled with joy and you thought it was the best party ever!


  1. This layout is really beautiful!
    I love the white gesso on the background and the overall arrangement of photos, embellishments, journaling...


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